Technique & Materials


Next, we will make a brief description of materials (bronze and silver), techniques (goldsmiths and jewelery) and processes (coatings and alloys).
These works are designed and made with the same techniques used for the manufacture of traditional and modern jewelry, we handle the ancient knowledge of one of the line of goldsmiths called chiseled, technique that allows us to be unique in the production of jewelry, merged into the time.

Each design is elaborated with its own characteristics where ancient and current art mix perfectly, a line with its own light and with a setting of Swiss zircons, which gives life and color to our materials and designs.

The material used in our gold line (lapel pins, tie clip and clip number), is the basic bronze alloy, which contains approximately 88% copper and 12% tin; for this line only applies the ancient technique of the chiselling since, this material (bronze) does not allow the setting of zircons. It has designs of full body and heads, in its back a fastener in hook or lace according to its design and characteristics, to finish in its finish a gold coating of 24 k.

In the silver line all our knowledge is fused, the possibility of the setting of Swiss zircons is present with the micro pavé technique, we use 0950 sterling silver with a rhodium coating that provides the rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and jewels in general a greater protection and brightness.
Rhodium-plated jewelry is durable, resists corrosion and has a shine that is hardly extinguished.


It is recommended for the durability of our coatings and materials, good handling, the non-use of abrasive liquids or sponges of strong textures.

It should only be washed with warm water, toilet soap and dried and glisten with a white cotton cloth.

All these characteristics, designs, materials and processes make our works unique jewels.

We work with the greatest responsibility and knowledge, to achieve innovate and refresh the world of cinofilia.

We appreciate your time and we hope that this information is displayed when selling our jewelry.

It is important that the client knows what he acquires and in what way he should take care of it.


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The collections offered are two:
Canine Jewelry
Special Edition Canine Jewelry

The goods categories concerned are:
Lapel pins
Tie clips