Canine Jewelry
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My History

In my life I had the fortune to know art; from my first years of childhood, my father’s words still live in the echo of my days and his teachings today are part of a tradition that lives in each work and style of my jewelry.
Over the years I managed to combine these wonderful arts: the ancient goldsmith and modern jewelry.
The vision towards a different world leads me to explore many forms and styles, finding a wonderful opportunity in the canine world, taking the life and happiness of those beings that accompany us in everyday life and that make our life a reason for creation.
I am a pioneer and creator of designs with own and defined characteristics, with the highest quality standards that make each design a true jewel.
I appreciate the dedication to read these lines, without forgetting who from my beginnings and through time made all this possible.
An eternal hug to that wonderful father and teacher that lives in my hands today.